Further Afield

For those wishing to embark on more than a day sail we can offer a variety of options.

Montenegro is a relatively unvisited sailing region with more than 156 NM of unspoilt coastline, around 70 km of beaches and offers great weather conditions for sailing; more than 250 days under the sun a year with typical Mediterranean / Adriatic wind conditions.

However if you wish to take in more, then the Croatian Islands of Dalmatia are only a few hours sail from our base in Porto Montenegro.

We can be checking into Croatia within 4 to 5 hours from Porto Montenegro. Sail under the historic walls of Dubrovnik or visit some of the many offshore islands.

Corfu, in Greek Ionian is just over 200 NM and the Italian coasts on the East of the Adriatic is less than one day away. Or travel down the Montenegro coast stopping in Albania en-route to Corfu.

We can average to 150 to 200 mile days making all these cruising regions easily accessible.

Please remember your trip starts from Porto Montenegro but can end in any of these destinations – the nautical equivalent of one-way car hire!