Montenegro, Croatia, Greece, Albania, Italy and beyond

Porto Montenegro is an ideal starting base to take the opportunity to visit some of the most majestic sailing scenes in Europe.

Montenegro (Crna Gora or Black Mountain) is a unique sailing spot in its own right facing the Adriatic Sea with truly dramatic mountain landscapes that come right down to the water. We agree with Jacques-Yves Cousteau when he said:

The part of the Adriatic Coast belonging to Montenegro is the purest part of the Mediterranean”.

Set off from Montenegro and explore the islands of Croatia and the Greek Ioanian

***New for 2018 are sailing trips to Albania and Italy***


Montenegro remains less crowded than its more visited neighbours; but for how long?

There is so much to see that one or more weeks of cruising and sightseeing may not seem enough. Mountainous terrains and “hidden” water inlets, historic cities, islands with churches, UNESCO World heritage sites and a coastline make it the crowning jewel of the Adriatic.

We have extensive experience  as to the best places to visit and stay over-night.

For those visiting the region as a land-based tourist we offer local excursions covering Boka, Tivat and Lustica Bays.