Whale and Dolphin Safari

 An incredible opportunity to join an exclusive Whale and Dolphin Safari looking for these magnificent creatures in their natural habitats. Learn about their lives and the threats to their existence from our own on board marine biologist. We will look for Bottlenose, Striped and Risso’s Dolphins, Fin and Sperm Whales, Loggerhead Turtles and the Common Dolphin (somewhat of a misnomer !)

If you are interested in the marine environment and its biodiversity and enjoy sailing on an ocean going luxury yacht then this is the trip for you !


 All trips will depart from Lustica or Boka Bays and can be one way or round trip back to point of origin. We highly recommend the one way trip as it allows you to cover a wider area and see more of the wonders of the marine environment, its inhabitants and the coasts and islands along our route

Please click on the images below and scroll through the drawings of the cetaceans we hope to see. These prints are of original drawings by acclaimed marine biologist and artist Lisa Hodgson. Framed or unframed copies are available with all profits going to the INTO THE DEEP BLUE pinger appeal.


Typically our journey will commence with a trip around the Montenegrin coast and its Bays searching for Bottlenose Dolphins. These tend to be lone individuals or small pods of 2 to 4. We will overnight at an anchorage in Boka Bay. The following day we depart Montenegro and sail to the areas where we have found pods of up to 40 or more Striped Dolphins (which often love to come to play alongside the boat). We have also seen 8 or more Risso’s Dolphins (the largest of the three species and with stunning white markings). In the evening we will sail overnight to Corfu in Greece where we will anchor in an area overlooked by the fortress and complete our immigration formalities into Greece.

From there we sail around the Ionian Islands of Paxos and AntiPaxos with lunch and overnight stops in beautiful locations. Onwards via the Lefkas Canal, through and around the main Southern Ionian Islands of Lefkada and Ithaca (the legendary island home of Odysseus in Homer’s epic Ancient Greek poem the Odyssey). We will then sail out into the Ionian Sea between the islands and go offshore where the depths drop rapidly to > 2,000m and then continue down to almost 4,000m. This is the home of the elusive fin whale which grows to > 25m in length and can weigh in at more than 60 MT. Here we can also find Sperm Whales of 15 to 20m in length. They have the largest brains on earth and can dive to around 2,350 m. They eco-locate with sounds as loud as an incredible 230 decibels ! Last year we saw three together. Mother, Father and calf  – all three with a large pod of striped dolphins performing acrobatics !     

Continuing our journey we pass (and can stop at) wreck Bay on Zakinthos before continuing South to visit Marathonisi Island.  This forms part of the largest breeding ground in the whole of the Mediterranean for the Loggerhead Turtle. We will go to the Island by dinghy and view their nests and, if we are fortunate may see the turtles hatching. Keeping a good lookout we may see adult turtles swimming to and from the Island as they lay their eggs approximately every 15 days in June, July and August. Our trips are tailored to suit your time and budget. Due to the nature of the environments where the various species are to be found and the distances to be covered a minimum of 10 days is required. If you have the time then stay as long as you wish.  

 Trip Duration 10 or more days staying on board  

 Trip Costs    €775.00  per day for 2 to 4 guests on board   

We can offer our “share a boat” program for these trips and can also take small family groups of 6 by special arrangement. Please enquire for details. Prices include the cost of our fully qualified Captain and our on board marine biologist / tour guide plus all fuel, food and beverages. If required we can supply a hostess to prepare and serve all meals on board for an additional fee.   

 10% of the Trip Fee will be given as a contribution to help fund the pinger appeal by INTO THE DEEP BLUE – a non profit NGO. They are funding the purchase of pingers to attach to local fishermen’s nets. This will deter the Dolphins and Turtles from entanglement which can lead to extensive damage to the nets and also the death of the entrapped creature. The fisherman’s catch should also increase as a result. 

All our safari tours will depart from either Porto Montenegro or Lustica Bay or from another mutually convenient location in Montenegro.

Departure dates and final itinerary are by mutual agreement