Sailing Tours Around the Exquisite Montenegrin Coastline Looking for Dolphin and Elusive Fin Whales

For 2 or More Days

Set sail on an eco-tourism voyage of discovery arounf the Adriatic Sea.

Help support INTO THE DEEP BLUE in their fight against chemical and plastic pollution of the Adriatic Sea.

Set sail on trip with our own on board marine biologist.

Set sail on trip with our own on board marine biologist. 

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Traverse the exquisite Montenegrin coastline looking for bottlenose dolphins
  • Discover sailing in Boka and Lustica Bays
  • Explore the deeper waters in search of striped dolphins and perhaps even see the elusive fin whale
  • Stop in the fishing village of Bigova
  • Sail round Sveti Stefan
  • And more …….
  • Enjoy engaging with our on board experts about cetaceans and marine conservation

Trip Duration: 2 or more days

Trip Cost: €275.00 per person per day.

10% of the Trip Fee will be given as a contribution to help fund INTO THE DEEP BLUE – a non profit NGO to reduce chemical and plastic pollution of the marine environment.

  • Min. No. of Participants: 2
  • Max. No. of Participants: 4

The tour will depart from and end at either of our berths in Porto Montenegro (P16) or Lustica Bay Marinas (D1). Departure dates and exact itinerary will be set to meet your requirements.

Contact details: Richard George Email:


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