Single dolphin in the water

In 2018 – we ran an Expedition with The Marine Mammals Research Association from Montenegro through the Ionian, Corinth Canal, via the Aegean Islands to Crete and Rhodes and then onwards to Turkey.

For 2019 Join us to experience an incredible sailing trip living aboard Chance Discovery between Montenegro, Sicily, the Aeolian Islands with their active volcanoes and the whale and dolphin marine preservation area of the Ligurian Sea in Italy.

Indigo Blue Sailing with Chance Discovery are the only Accredited Wise Wildlife Safe Organisation in Montenegro.

Whale and Dolphin Sailing Expeditions

We are the only yacht in Montengegro offering these incredible sailing safari trips to see dolphins and/or whales


Single dolphin in the water

Sailing with Dolphins

Sail from our base into Adriatic. Our resident marine biologist will introduce you to the wonder of dolphins’ lives, their main threats and the possible ways to contribute to protecting their vulnerable world whilst we look for sightings of Bottlenose and Striped Dolphins and, just maybe,  the elusive Fin Whale.

Discovery 55

2 or more Day Dolphin Trip

Set sail on an eco-tourism voyage to look for cetaceans whilst taking in the beauty of Montenegro.

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